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UPSMonitor is a program, written for Linux, that will monitor CyperPower (TM) Power98 Uninterruptable Power Supplies (and possibly others). The programs contained within (one a Perl daemon, and the other a C serial monitoring program) will monitor and shutdown your computer, within a specified amount of time if power fails.


Installation Instructions

upsmonitor & powerd

This set of programs is intended to:
	- Monitor CyberPower (TM) UPS models Power98(R)/250VA 
			                  and Power98(R)/400VA
	- Within a set time, know if the power to the UPS
	  unit has failed
        - Upon recieving a FAIL signal from the UPS, within
	  amount of time, the system will shutdown
	  (And turn off if "Shutdown on halt" is supported and
	  kernel enabled)
To install this program:
	 1) edit powerd and check all variables 
	 2) make
	 3) make install
	 4) su 
	 5) /usr/local/bin/powerd &
	 6) also, add to your rc.local to start up on boot time.

Test your ups by plugging a light in it (not your computer at first!).
If all goes well, then good.  If not, check over the com port settings,
run upsmonitor on the command line if you wish: 
        The ups is being powered as normal:
	% upsmonitor /dev/cua0
        The ups has lost power:
	% upsmonitor /dev/cua0