Blues Brothers Sounds
We have a Dom Perignon, '71, at a hundred and twenty dollars.
It's almost 9 o'clock. We've got to go to work.
If you say no, Elwood and I will come here for breakfast...
Illinois Nazis.J.. I hate Illinois Nazis.
Jake and Elwood!
And don't come back....until you're redeemed yourselves.
We got 106 miles...
Scene describing the memorable Blues Mobile
Shit! What? Rollers...
We're on a mission from God.
Ok you're all set..that'll be 94 dollars.
Did you get me my Cheese Wiz boy?
Four Fried Chickens and a coke...
No ma'am, we're musicians.
One Timex digital watch, broken...
And I said, I guess you're really up shit creek!
Use of unnecessary violence...
Blues Brothers Images
Hotel room blowing up
Candid Pic of James Brown from the movie
Carrie Fisher firing machine gun
Nazi Parade
Opening Movie Screen
Opening Movie Screen (smaller version)
Publicity Poster for the movie
The Blues Brothers at their best
Shrimp Cocktail Restaurant scene
This pic show the crosshairs on Belushi's head
Scene where they run the car through a window
Blues Brothers Lyrics
Shake A Tail Feather
Hey Bartender
Land of a Thousand Dances
Shotgun Blues
Soul Man
Sweet Home Chicago
Who's Making Love
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