National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Update: December 18, 2014: Happy Holidays folks! Its that time of year when my site really becomes active and I become swamped with email from people asking these questions. All TV air times for the movie this Christmas have been updated below, so if you have missed the dates or don't have that channel, then you may have to start a fire and turn on the DVD player. Before asking any questions, please see the section below for answers to the most common questions.

I was wondering where I can get...
Moose MugsYes, I do know where you can buy the Marty Moose Glasses (go here and tell him Bubba sent you). Dan runs this great company with excellent customer service. You will NOT be disappointed with your purchase!

I've also seen these sold on Amazon too by Christmas Vacation Collectibles. I have not seen these but they have good reviews.
Movie SoundtrackThe soundtrack for the movie is no longer produced, and no I don't own a copy. You can, however, get a copy off of eBay by searching for ”Christmas Vacation Soundtrack" but beware that the inexpensive ones ($10-$20) are illegal, burned copies; An original soundtrack on eBay will run u pwards of $50-$100, so please don't get scammed and DON'T support the people selling illegal copies. And do not buy from sellers with private feedback as you cannot see how they have defrauded other customers!
Advent CalendarChristmas Advent House builds these for $1,995.00 (+$98 shipping)! They will be accepting orders early next year (ready in time for Christmas (2014)). I haven't been provided a sample to review, so I can't comment on if it's worth the money or not. I can think of nothing better to spend your money on than one of these (yeah right, how about some more lights for the house?). An alternative for you folks who are do-it-yourselfers is to buy Advent House plans and build one yourself!
Cousin Eddie HatYou can order yourself a cousin eddie hat here.
TV Airtimes (US Only)December, 19th 2014 @ 10PM on ABCFAMILY
December, 20th @ 7AM and 4PM on ABCFAMILY
December, 24th @ 7PM on ABCFAMILY
December, 25th @ 5PM on ABCFAMILY
If I get any additional information, you all will be the first to know as it will be posted here.

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Nice Cousin Eddie background image (1024x768) compiled by Aaron Cooper.
NLCV Desktop Background compiled by by John Kovach.
Cousin Eddie in his bathrobe
Clark and Eddie hugging
Clark praying
Clark looking through the Christmas Tree
Clark peering out the window
Cousin Eddie and Clark drinking eggnog
Cousin Eddie in his blue leisure suit
Cousin Eddie commenting on the Christmas lights
Cousin Eddie talking about his part
Cousin Eddie emptying his chemical toilet
Cousin Eddie giving the "OK" sign
The Griswold Family Dinner
The Griswold Family picture
The Griswold Home all lit up.
"This here's our pride and joy - Snots!"
Aunt Bethany
Uncle Lewis
The babe from the mall
The babe from the mall coming up for a breath of air
Todd and Margo
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