Proactively Preventing SD Failure on a Raspberry Pi

Saving you from the dreaded I/O Error, while also upgrading your boot drive to be more fault tolerant.

If you’re like me, you’re now relying on multiple Raspberry Pi devices across your home to perform various home automation tasks. I’m pretty good about backing up my devices using rsync, but even having file backups doesn’t replace a full OS-level backup. I recently lost 2 SD cards at the... [Read More]

Magnalatch® Latches and Squirrels Don't Mix

TLDR; If you need Magnalatch replacment knobs or protective covers for your latches, please go here. A few years ago we put in a pool. With a pool comes saftey requirements we had (mostly) already met - 5ft fence, chimes on doors leading to pool. etc. We also found out... [Read More]
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