Currently an Information Security Leader at a global software company, but previously an Infosec engineer, systems administrator, network administrator, and wannabe programmer. I'm still living vicariously through my undocumented Perl scripts while trying not to break the technical things that I still manage to get my hands on.

Obtained my BS in Computer Science from North Carolina State University - Go Pack!

I enjoy writing or building useful & reusable tools to help myself and others, while also dabbling in automation - home and otherwise. Anything to make my life easier (and make my wife worry more about what happens when I die). I've been an avid Linux user (Ubuntu!) for at least 20 years and have several Raspberry Pi's doing various things around my house. Check out my projects page or blog posts to see what I've been up to.

I'm either spending time with my family at home or at the beach. We spend way too much time staring down at sand looking for sharks teeth.

The projects page or my blog should give you an idea of what 've been up to.


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