Below are my notes, upgrades, info on the Kingroon KP3S 3D Printer Amazon | AliExpress If you need to be convinced that this is the printer for you, please see the following review. I was in need of a smaller printer that I could fit on a shelf, and this fit the bill. It’s very similar in build size and quality to the Prusa Mini, but you can get this in 2 days vs. 2 months and save $200.

Feel free to contact me or ping me on twitter if you have additions.

Cura Configuration

Octoprint Configuration


For Kingroon-provided firmware, installation is as follows:

  1. Format a MicroSD card as FAT32-formatted, MBR boot record.
  2. Copy files to the root of the SD card: Robin_nano.bin, robin_nano_cfg.txt, mks_pic (directory & its contents) and mks_font (directory & its contents)
  3. Insert into printer & reboot. This will only work once; after upgrade, the folders/files will be renamed.

The following firmware is not supplied by, or supported by Kingroon and is the main way to get BLTouch working with the KP3S.

Printable Parts



3d Printer References

Even after several years, I still rely on several sites to make sure things work as they should. Here are a few of my favs.

  • PID Tuning
  • First Layer Advice: TeachingTech AndrewEllis93
  • Calibrating Esteps - hint, measure a piece of filament to 200mm and use that as your reference piece
  • Flow Calibration - Yes, you have to do this for each different type of filament you buy. This is why many folks stick with a single brand, even still, the rates may vary. This plus Esteps can make the sizes of your models vary significantly if they are off.
  • Troubleshooting - Simply3d,