Below are my notes, upgrades, info on the Kingroon KP3S 3D Printer Amazon | AliExpress If you need to be convinced that this is the printer for you, please see the following review. I was in need of a smaller printer that I could fit on a shelf, and this fit the bill. It’s very similar in build size and quality to the Prusa Mini, but you can get this in 2 days vs. 2 months and save $200.

Feel free to contact me or ping me on twitter if you have additions.

Cura Configuration

  • Select Creality -> Ender 3 as your device and make these changes

Octoprint Configuration


For Kingroon-provided firmware, installation is as follows:

  1. Format a MicroSD card as FAT32-formatted, MBR boot record.
  2. Copy files to the root of the SD card: Robin_nano.bin, robin_nano_cfg.txt, mks_pic (directory & its contents) and mks_font (directory & its contents)
  3. Insert into printer & reboot. This will only work once; after upgrade, the folders/files will be renamed.

The following firmware is not supplied by, or supported by Kingroon and is the main way to get BLTouch working with the KP3S.

Printable Parts